The team at Mafia welcomes everyone who visits our community boards and encourages everyone to be active in the board community.
Because we want everyone to have a pleasurable experience here, there are a few things that each user must agree to before posting:

Every offence against the rules of the Forums (the now following general rules and of course the special rules for some subforums) may lead to a warning. Each User agrees with his/her registration to the following board rules.

[The Board Staff holds up the right to warn, censor and ban Users if the Users do not follow the rules.]

The whole forum is included in the Terms and Conditions of Goodgame Studios and vBulletin T&C . Therefore German Laws apply on the whole board. It also means that the Board Owners are not responsible for any posted pictures or links which are copyrighted.
The language of this whole board is always English, unless stated otherwise, posting in another language is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to; posts, signatures, avatars, about me, Profile etc.
The boardteam holds the right to censor threads. This will be marked in the relevant post.
Your account is yours alone and you are responsible for any activity associated with it. You may not share your account login with anyone.
Frivolous reporting as a means of retaliation will result in a warning.
No Solicitations.The Mafia forum is not a public market. The asking for or offering of products or services for commercial gain is prohibited. Linking to sites for personal gain is also not allowed
Advertisement and linking to other non-Goodgame Studios browsergames is not allowed on the whole forums. Links to games with the aim to count every visitor are not allowed.
Impersonation of a staff member (name, avatar, signature) may lead to a warning or in extreme cases to a ban.


Posting contents and links of pornographic, politically extremist, immoral and offensive material, which may breach applicable laws, are forbidden. It is also not allowed to post keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez". Discussion of such items will lead to an immediate warning.
Before creating any thread, please use the search functon. If a similar post exist which is not closed please continue on the same thread. If it's closed, make sure you paid attention to the reason why it has been closed.
Creating a new thread after a moderator has closed a previous one on the same subject is not permitted and can result in a warning. If your thread was closed prematurely then you can PM or email the moderator that closed your thread with a reason of why you think it should be reopened. This does not guarantee that the thread but the moderator will review the decision
Users are asked to write new topics in the designated sections of the forum, please read the forum description to know which section suits best for your thread. Please also try to give an accurate description in your topic title, bad examples are "help", "what's this" and "character", good examples are "Return scrolls not working", "problem loading game" and/or "Display error in character interface".
Double posting is not allowed, if you want to add something to your post use the 'edit' button instead.
The exception to this is if a question goes unanswered for 24 hours, you are allowed to "bump" that thread, but don't overdo it, 1 time a day is more than enough. If you forgot to mention something in your post and editing is not possible, you can ask to Board Team to add it to your post.
When replying to an existing thread make sure you have read through it all before replying. You could find that somebody has said, or clarified, the exact same issue you were about to post. If you are also going to quote a particular post make sure you only quote the part that applies to what you are talking about.
Posthunting (posting just to get a higher postcount) results in a warning or in extreme cases in a direct ban.
Discussion of bans or warnings is not permitted in the public forums, also requests to unban game accounts are not to be discussed anywhere on the forums. It's not allowed to post for banned people.
Don't abuse of smiley and question/exclamation marks capital letters and such. We are able to understand things without that. The Board Team reserve the right to edit any topics, if they think it's needed.
It is not allowed to post any kind of conversations without the consent of all the other parties.
The posting of personal data about others is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to; real names, e-mail addresses, home addresses, IP-addresses, etc. Attempting to reveal (correctly or otherwise) staff member's player accounts is also not allowed.
Posting of contents which do not belong to the topic / relevant forum (Spam/Offtopic) are undesired and may lead to a warning. An exception of this is the “Spammer’s Corner ”.
Flaming, threats, offences against other users or staff, inappropriate language and trolling are punishable on the whole forum.


Accumulation of multiple warnings, as a result of breaking any of the above rules, may result in the following bans:

# WarningExpiration :

1 Flaming / Trolling, Never
2 Insulting Never
3 Offtopic Never
4 Spam, Never
5 Team-fake Never
6 Threatening / Blackmailing Never
7 Vulgar Words / Heavy Insult Never

*According to the amount of ban(s) / warning(s) you receive, you can be banned for :
x days
x weeks
x months
and finally parmanently banned

Which means, be careful, always follow our Rules and be nice in our Community.

In extreme cases however, an user can still be banned without having warnings.
•• But, in some cases, Board Team could remove one warning every 3 Months if you did not get any others warning in waiting.

Re-registering (by create a new game account) another account after your account has been banned is forbidden, and will result in the length of the ban being extended, or even a permanent ban for all accounts involved. If you share your account with someone who has been banned from the board, you will also incur a ban yourself. Your Game account can be ban permanent as well.

Similarly, posting for banned people is not allowed, and will result in a warning. If you are banned and wish to appeal against your ban, please contact the Board Staff directly via PM, IRC.

Signatures, Avatars and Profile Pictures:

For the benefit of other users, they must adhere to the following restrictions:
Each image can be a maximum of 550x200 px.
Total file size: 150 KB
Can Upload Animated Profile Picture
Signatures must conform to the Board Rules, should not affect the readability of the board and any images within a signature must comply with the above image restriction : they must have a conrrect and suitable size ( not to affect width and height of Threads).
Avatars and Profile Pictures
Avatars cannot exceed the 80 pixels width and 80 pixels height, they can be as mush as 20KB (20 000 bytes).
Profile picture cannot exceed the 150 pixels width and 150 pixels height, they can be as much as 65KB (65 000 bytes)

Anything that is used as an exploit to circumvent the rules, such as posting siglike pictures at the end of each post or other means to make the sig appear larger, is not allowed

Board Administrators and Smods have user ban rights, and are also able to disable signatures and avatars, change custom titles and user names.
Some sections may have additional (stricter) guidelines. Please check the rules/guidelines in each board BEFORE you make your first post.
The staff reserves the right to change rules when they deem it necessary.
The use of these forums is a privilege, not a right.